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  1. How do I submit my article?
  2. It is mandatory to submit one copy of the manuscript to STET online. Please submit your article online. Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times. Please click on "Submit Manuscript" in the journal’s website.

  3. What is the maximum file size allowed to be uploaded?
  4. The maximum size of any file that can be uploaded on the STET website is 10MB.

  5. How are the required documents to be submitted on the STET website?
  6. All documents should be attached as files online.

  7. Should I follow the normal process of submission to STET for all types of articles?
  8. Yes, the procedure is the same irrespective of the type of manuscript, which includes submission of Abstract, Keywords, and Running title.

  9. What is the style of in-text citation and referencing followed by STET?
  10. Authors must refer the sample manuscript available in the journal’s website.

  11. How do I resubmit my revised manuscript to STET?
  12. Upload the revised files online on the STET website under the same submission number as revisions. We do not accept email submissions of revisions. When submitting the revisions, make sure the following are submitted:

    • Revised manuscript WITHOUT track changes or highlights (in WORD)
    • Revised manuscript WITH track changes or highlights (as WORD)
    • Steps that are taken to address all comments individually in a separate file
    This will help facilitate the reviewers/ editors to go through the revised manuscript easily and quickly.

  13. What is the importance of the submission number of my manuscript and how is it assigned?
  14. The OJS automatically generates a unique 4-digit submission number when a manuscript is submitted to STET. This number is maintained and used throughout the manuscript processing and publication stages to refer to the manuscript. All revisions of the manuscript are to be made under the same submission number.

  15. Why is it necessary to provide the working email IDs of all the co-authors?
  16. Providing the email IDs of all co-authors is necessary for official confirmation from all co-authors that they have been consulted and are okay with the manuscript, with their names being included in it, and with the other details provided.

  17. How do I get to know that my manuscript has been accepted?
  18. When the manuscript is finally accepted and is processed for copyediting, the Managing Editor will intimate regarding the next steps.

  19. How long does it take for an article to be published in STET once the manuscript has been submitted for publication?
  20. If the submission process has been followed as per STET’s guidelines, the time taken to publish may range from 3-6 months.

  21. What are the stages of acceptance of the manuscript?
  22. a. The manuscript is accepted for initial review if all submission criteria are met.
    b. The manuscript is accepted for peer review after the initial review.
    c. The manuscript is provisionally accepted after the authors undertake proper revisions suggested during the peer review process.
    d. The manuscript is finally accepted when the subject editor and/or chief editor accepts the final revised manuscript for publication.

  23. What review process does STET follow?
  24. STET follows a double-blind peer review process. The author’s name is not revealed to the reviewer and vice versa.

  25. Why does the review process sometimes take a long time to be initiated?
  26. The review process will be delayed if:
    a. The submission is incomplete or the STET guidelines have not been adhered to.
    b. The reviewers take a long time to respond to request for complete submission of documents.

  27. When does the author receive an acceptance letter from the journal?
  28. STET provides an acceptance letter for publication only after the final acceptance of the manuscript by the subject editor and the chief editor.

  29. Do you check for plagiarisms?
  30. Accepted articles will be checked for plagiarism before sending to production. If an author is faced with plagiarisms, we will black list the author. This means we never review any paper from such authors for a defined period of time, even years; even authors with self plagiarism are black listed. So, the authors are advised to check for plagiarism themselves before submitting the article.

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