Scientific Transactions in Environment and Technovation Journal(STET), 11 Sep 2022 | 10.56343/STET.
Year : 2018 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 2 | Pages : 79-82

Mining and its applications in Data Educational Management System

Data mining plays a vital role in day to day life. There are several methods of “ubiquitous and invisible” data mining that influence everyday functioning from the products stocked at our local supermarket to the advertisements we see while surfing the Internet, and also in solving crime problems. Data mining can offer the individuals many benefits by improving customer service and satisfaction as well as lifestyle, in general. However, it also has serious implications regarding one’s right to privacy and data security. Educational Data Mining (EDM) is an emerging discipline, concerned with developing methods for exploring the unique and increasingly large-scale data that come from educational settings and by using these methods better understanding of students, and the learning process and outcome could be accessed. The aim of International Educational Data Mining Society is to support collaboration and scientific development in this new discipline through organization of series of EDM conferences, publication of journal and creation of mailing lists,
as well as the development of community resources to support the sharing of data and techniques. A large volume of complex, multi-dimensional scientific data are collected and stored daily. Data mining and predictive modelling offer means of analysis of that data. Data mining and predictive modelling are capable of automatic extraction of knowledge deeply hidden in data, enabling discovery of knowledge not otherwise attainable. The Fundamentals of Data Mining have been customized for the world of science. They provide overview of the methods, techniques, and processes of data mining, with an emphasis on scientific applications. Explore a variety of scientific case studies learn how data mining can be applied to make meaningful conclusions, predictions, and classification of data.

Keywords: Data Mining, Educational Management System, Predictive Modelling

Citation: *, ( 2018), Mining and its applications in Data Educational Management System. Scientific Transactions in Environment and Technovation Journal(STET), 12(2): 79-82

Received: 10/16/2017; Accepted: 12/20/2018;
Published: 11/09/2022

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