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Sci. trans. env. technovation.,   Volume(11) - Issue(3), 2018
pp 165-167,   DOI:

Studies on the role of probiotic cultures in the maintenance of gastrointestinal health

S. Dhiva;


Probiotics have been used for many years to enhance the intestinal health. Probiotics are traditionally defined as viable microorganisms that have a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of specific pathologic conditions when they are ingested. There are many literatures highlighting the use of probiotics to prevent or treat intestinal disorders in the present study probiotics selected were the lactic acid bacteria, particularly Wiesiella confusa and Bifidobacterium sp. isolated from fermented ragi. They were examined for their effectiveness in lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is the occurrence of symptoms in lactose maldigestors who consume too much of lactose. The present investigation proves that the fermented cereals containing probiotic cultures have the highest -galactosidase activity, which probably accounts for the good digestion. Probiotics represented an exciting prophylactic and therapeutic effect by increasing the lactose digestion.


Probiotics, symptoms, therapy, Lactose intolerance, b- galactosidase activity

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