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STET Journals.,   Volume(11) - Issue(2), 2017
pp 89-94,   DOI:

Phytochemical analysis and comparison of in vitro antibacterial activities of the leaf extracts of Calotropis gigantea and Ficus religiosa

Mangalanayaki;R. Vinitha


Calotropis gigantea and Ficus religiosa leaves were collected and the antibacterial activity was determined against some human pathogens. The leaves of Calotropis gigantean and Ficus religiosa were extracted with aqueous, ethanol and methanol by using solvent extraction method. The human pathogens were isolated from wound samples and the isolates were characterized morphologically and biochemically and identified. They were identified as E.coli, Bacillus subtilis Enterbacter aerogenes, pseudomonas aeruginosa. The antibacterial activity of the solvent leaf extracts of C. gigantean and F. religiosa as determined by using agar well diffusion method. The aqueous extract of C. gigantea inhibited the growth of bacterial pathogens effectively at 100μl/ml concentration. The phytochemcial analysis of the plants showed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, glycosides, phenols, steroids, saponin and resins, and the results are discussed.


Calotropis gigantea , Ficus religiosa , leaves, solvent extraction, Agar well Diffusion, Phytochemical screening analysis.

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